Mindtooth Project

The project aims to develop the mindtooth system providing real time indicators of cognitive or emotional states by processing cerebral signals, providing affordable cross-application indicators based on scientifically proven algorithms, using a wearable, comfortable and easy to fit EEG headset, equipped with gel-free sensors.

Since September 2023 the device is distributed in the market in partnership
between BrainSigns and Brain Products please visit:

Concept & approach


Real time indicators of workload, stress, attention and
cooperation, by processing of cerebral signals


proven algorithms


Comfortable and easy to fit EEG headset.

Key Objectives

Scientific research is at the base of all the main advantages of the highly innovative Mindtooth system. 


Ease of use

Easy and quick to prepare. Intuitive interface with clear information 


High comfort

Lightweight (<200gr), dry sensors, optimized and ergonomic design 


High Quality

Wireless hardware from leading biomedical company with optimal signal quality, patented algorithms for neurometrics  



Neurometrics in output can be integrated in tablet/web interface/3rd party applications 


From the Past to Mindtooth

A new generation EEG headset: Comfortable and easy to fit.

Wearable EEG headset

Key Features – click on amp

- Click-On Amplifier with magnetic connectors
- Premium EEG quality, powered by Brain Products
- Bluetooth low energy connection
- Rechargeable battery (up to 3 hours of continuous recording)
- 125 Hz and 250 Hz output data rates
- Sponge-based electrodes (1-2% sodium chloride),
- No residuals in the hair 
- Silver/silver chloride electrode material for highest signal quality
- Soft skin contact by sponge top with 1-2% sodium chloride solution

Mindtooth Validations

The system is validated in real operational environments.